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The master mech

with a dremal some time and some sheet aluminum he can make ANY thing or fix any thing. Will spend as much time as it takes to get a car roling or a plane flying at the lowest price possiable ( usualy free)


The SpaceMaxx

Showing off its massave wheel travel.


A born again T-Maxx built to bash with home made racing fetures built in. It includes dual servo stearing a home made super lite polished aluminum 3mm chassi,  big bores with heavy spings and 45wt oil, and a high flow airfilter. The newest and most predominant feature is the new transfer case/ transmission. Its been striped of its progressive suspension due to presently unsolveable flaws. 

*Update the transfer case has also been replaced with a stock transmision. in exchange I have added an extra axel to the rear end


It is my first car and my daily driver. It has one goal in life to out run a mustang GT.


3.4l 60*v6 with a cold air intake 

auto 4spd

3.23:1 rear end and prety much stock everything else

the auto tranny is first on the cut list and the PCM soon after 

Updates and more pics at my Fquick site: Space387







The Revo

Bought off E-bay as a used 2.5 Revo. The rockers have been swaped from the Lt\P1 mix to P2's. Just put a stiffened rear diff into the truck and a rear wing both stabilize the truck a ton. The trcuk came with 2 2.5R's, both ran but the one that came out of the revo got some work done to the sleve so there is a full port and polish. This is being used to help build the power on the newer engine that came on the Revo. For the most part this truck is going to be built as a raceing truck but will be able to handle most heavy bashing. Current powerplant is a TRX 3.3 but aside from suspension adjustments the truck is just about stock.



God Rest its Soul