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The origins

In 2002 Jerry brought his T-Max over to drive with me and the mayhem began. Our first task was to get my dads tired old T-Maxx to run with little sucess. After i got the new parts we drove more often breaking parts along the way and fixing them on the spot. As of 1JAN2004 that all changed I had my own little shop for RC's. We tinkered I built and soon a few locals would show up with Jerry, the name didnt come from there though. The name came from deep in the twisted punk head of Jerry when we had been able to get both his T and mike bigford's Nsport running in the same day. The name came because on that day we didn't buy any parts or use spares we just improvised pieces to make ours work.Now it has evolved into Team Chop-Shop. Things are starting to open up for te team there is a race coming up we hope to attend.

In 2006 the team moved to florida and was put on hold as I went through 2 years of college. Since then my team has regrown and is involving more vehicles and people then ever before. Now Paul has bought a T-maxx and Nitro Rustler to play along with my Maxx and Revo. Also paul has brought in a 07 Mustand and sam owns a 90 Corvette which adds to our team wonderfully. 


2010: The stalls have stayed filled but indifferent hands over that last 2 years. The Spacemaxx went to bryan, I got a revo, Paul got a revo and solt his other trucks to sam. The stang and vette where sold but sam has a 2002 mustang GT now. New house, new shop, and new bashing grounds.